Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Former President Bill Clinton Issues Imperial Edict

(Breaking news:  Looks like the Clinton camp has reversed course.  Social media will be allowed.  All just a big misunderstanding.  Yeah, OK; whatever.)

According to a story here, former US president Bill Clinton has banned Facebook, Twitter, live blogging, and all forms of social media during his speech at Salesforce’s Dreamforce convention in December. 

I wonder how his entourage plans to enforce this?  Are they planning on the secret service Tasering clandestine Tweeters and a quick trip to a secret prison?  Maybe some DoD/Starwars type signal blockers?  I hadn’t planned on doing anything other than taking paper and pencil notes for a later column, but now I feel almost duty bound to defend the constitution by updating my Facebook status.

My friends, if I go silent during the keynote, AVENGE ME!  AVENGE ME!


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