Sunday, May 23, 2010

CRM and Sushi


There are few foods I love more than fresh, well made, well presented, sushi.  The huge variety available gives me a dish that can satisfy nearly any food craving.  Nicely prepared, the colors and textures delight the eye.  Fresh and cold, it’s healthy and tasty.

On the other hand, there are few things worse than two day old, uninspired, half melted sushi, lumped on a dirty buffet line.  Not only is it unappetizing, but it can be down right dangerous.

CRM systems are analogous to sushi. 

I love CRM.  There, I said it.  Teaching a new salesperson the ins and outs of Salesforce or installing a fresh instance of SugarCRM make me giddy.  Yeah, I’m a freak!  :-) 

Just like sushi however, a CRM system that isn’t well prepared, is not going to delight your end users.  If the page layouts aren’t well thought out, if the work flows retard rather than accelerate the sales cycle, people will shun your system just like I do a poorly prepared rainbow roll.  Make sure your projects don’t just work, but they work gracefully.  Your users will thank you and come back for seconds.

Even worse than poor presentation, if your CRM is stale, people will notice it.  Not so fresh fish stinks and will likely land you in the toilet stall.  A CRM system that hasn’t evolved with changing business needs also stinks and can have just as dire consequences for your company.  Make sure that you do at least a yearly business needs check of the entire system.  Biannually is better. 

Keep the sushi fresh, attractive, and well made, and your belly will thank you.  Keep your system updated, well crafted, and usable, and your users will do likewise.

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  1. Nice comparison, Paul. Thanks for sharing (on LI) the first 5 things to do once you join Twitter.


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